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How COVID-19 Is Influencing Real Estate Trends in San Antonio and Austin

COVID-19 has had a large influence on real estate trends in San Antonio, Austin, and the surrounding areas. Since the pandemic began, people have spent more time than ever before inside their homes. As you can imagine, homeowners are starting to realize that their current home does not suit their new lifestyle and needs.

As a Realtor or Builder, it is imperative that your listings meet all the current design trends so they will sell quickly and for high profits. With wish lists shifting, home staging is a must. BY Design Home Staging will transform your listing to have exactly what your target buyer is looking for! Here are some of the trends buyers are looking for due to the impact of COVID-19.

Stage Defined Spaces Inside the Home

Modern, open concept floor plans are scaling back while traditional designs are making a comeback. With the entire family working, playing, learning, and living under one roof, people are realizing that a clear...

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20 Best White Paint Colors for Your San Antonio Listing

color consultations Sep 18, 2020

Designers, home stagers, Realtors, and even social media influencers have gravitated in recent years towards white walls with accents of neutrals and charcoal. It’s a color scheme that is timeless and classic, yet fresh and crisp. But finding the perfect shade of white can be difficult. That's why we compiled a list of the 20 best white paint colors for your San Antonio listing.

We predict that the coronavirus pandemic will extend the lifespan of the white paint trend, as it creates a perception of being clean and disinfected. Balancing with the warmth and texture of organic materials, like baskets and wood, keeps white from feeling too sterile and clinical.

So what is our go-to white? We get asked all of the time to just name the one-size-fits-all paint selection for every situation. Clients will call requesting us to give them a color name over the phone. It can sometimes be an emergency. The painter is coming in the morning and they...

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The holidays are a great time to sell a home in San Antonio

holiday decor Dec 11, 2019

Should San Antonio home sellers wait out the holidays?

It happens every year around this time. We start getting calls asking, "Are the holidays a good time to sell a home? Should I take my house off the market until spring? Nobody is out looking at houses during the holidays - right?"

Our answer may really surprise you!

We know that there is so much else going on during this time of year. Lots of parties and family gatherings. Living in a home on the market can be a pain in any season, and more so during the holidays. So, if you (or your staging clients) are in no hurry to sell, it makes sense from a convenience standpoint to hold off until the festive season is past. On the other hand... 

There is a very good argument for keeping a home on the market during the holidays. The first of the year is a common time for new job starts, so the weeks leading up to that are a prime time for some house hunters. With the school break, families have an opportunity to...

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Episode 3 -- The Painful Wait for Your Commission Payout at Closing

why stage? Jul 03, 2019

Real Estate agents have a lot of costs up front and you don't get paid until the home closes. That wait for the commission payout at closing can be so painful! But, it doesn't have to be that way!

When the home is prepared for sale RIGHT the first time, it doesn't sit on the market. It SELLS!

So what does it mean to prepare a listing for sale?  We have created a step by step video (below) for you to share with your clients so that their home looks its very best for the MLS photos and for every showing. 

Need a specific custom consultation for your occupied listing or FREE bid for your vacant listing?  Call us today to get results for your clients!  210-722-1633  www.bydesignsa.com


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The Mistake Middle-Tier Agents Make That Top Producers Don't.

mistakes realtors make Jun 03, 2019

Are you trying to do it all? Most agents know the statistics on how important home staging is, but some are trying to do it on their own.

We actually teach a CE class for realtors about home staging-- but being a Staging Design Agent does NOT mean that you should be a home stager AND a real estate agent. The fastest way to burn out and start dropping all those spinning plates is to try to do something that you can hire someone else to do better-- and in less time. 

To be a top producer, you need to be all in. You need to be an expert in your neighborhood. You need to be focused on building relationships and knowing the stats on homes. But, you DON'T also need to be a professional home stager. Trust us, it is a full-time job on its own!!  Call us at 210-722-1633 or request a bid here so that you can focus on what you do best: getting homes SOLD!

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Did They Teach You This? What Every Realtor Needs To Know


We interviewed HGTV star Abby Vasek and asked her what one of the biggest difficulties that realtors have. She shared with us that she feels that realtors don't really know how to prepare a home for sale and how to get the most money. 

Abby has good news! You don't need to know it all! You just need to know who to go to for help. When you bring us into the process as your secret superpower, BY Design Home Staging makes YOU look like the superhero to your clients. 

Give us a call today to get your listing sold for top dollar-- making YOU the Real Estate Rockstar! 210-722-1633

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Objections to Staging - How to Get Your Clients On Board

why stage? Apr 03, 2019

You know that BY Design Staging sells your listings faster and for more money. But, your clients don't sell houses every day and might not be familiar with home staging. Here is your script to get them on board.

Zig Ziglar taught that every sale has 5 basic obstacles: 

  • No Need
  • No Money
  • No Hurry
  • No Desire
  • No Trust

Let's take a look at each of those and explore some appropriate responses. This is your script for handling each situation.

No Need

The seller may say something along the lines of "I didn't stage my last house and it sold fine," or "My home was professionally decorated," or "It looks clean and open since it is vacant."

The market has changed and, thanks to HGTV, Pinterest, Houzz, etc, buyers now expect more. They want to be 'wow'ed.

Buyers stay in a vacant home an average of 5 minutes but will linger in a furnished home an average of 40 minutes. This is important because the National Association of Realtors says that the longer a buyer remains in a home, the...

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