Current Paint Trends for Central Texas Homes
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Current Paint Trends for Central Texas Homes

color consultations staging tips Jul 25, 2023
Staged living room using off white couch and yellow pillows with white walls and green trim.

When listing a home in San Antonio or Austin, it’s important that the house appears updated and appeals to today's buyer. Sometimes that means a fresh coat of paint is needed.

To confidently select updated paint colors, you need to be aware of the latest paint trends in the San Antonio and Austin area. Your paint selections will elevate the listing’s perceived value, making the home appear newer and better maintained, and net the sellers the highest profit.

Neutral Paint Colors are Warming

Kitchen with brown table and off white chairs with faux fruit and florals on table and window curtains with florals.
Staged by BY Design. Photography by Maverick Studio Photography. Listed by Judy Barnes with Phyllis Browning Company in Alamo Heights.

Neutral paint colors have long been a popular choice in Texas homes.

Our expert staging team at BY Design may suggest you paint your home in neutral colors (like these 20 best white paint colors) prior to listing it. This will make it easier for buyers to picture the home customized to their preferences.

Plus, light neutral tones make a space feel larger– an important feature when selling your home. Most South Texas buyers are looking for as much square footage as possible, so we want to do all we can to make the home appear as large as possible.

In recent years, clean whites have been popular for walls. Now, there is a shift towards warmer neutral paint colors. These softer, warmer tones create a sense of comfort in a space. Whites are more rich and creamy. Colors like creams, beige, taupe, and warm grays create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for a living room or bedroom.

Two bed with white comforter and grey head board with brown benches and green throw with two mirrors above beds and white and black art on wall.
Airbnb installation by BY Design in Cat Mountain, Austin, TX. Photography by BY Design.

Warmer neutrals have more depth and complexity. This can create a sense of richness and texture in a room, and can add visual interest without being overwhelming.

Pro Tip: Understand the Undertones with a picture of living room and warm netural colors pulled out of it as swatches.
Staging by BY Design Home Staging. Photography by Shoot2Sell. Listed by Craig Morris with Morris Realty.

Pro Tip: Understanding the undertones of colors is the key. There are so many different neutrals: pink beige, yellow beige, green beige, violet beige, taupe… not to mention all the grays! Don’t get overwhelmed picking paint! Our team of Master Color Consultants® are able to find the perfect shade for every space.

Here are some on-trend, warm neutral paint color options for your San Antonio or Austin real estate listing:

Staging Studio's Favorite Warm Neutrals from Sherwin-Williams.

Case Study: How to Stage a Room with Gray Walls

A common misconception about staging is that it is only for beautiful homes. We do love to stage gorgeous homes– but where we really SHINE is with homes that look a bit dated or are just… awkward.

Our team of home staging experts can turn ANY home into a dream home. It is absolutely amazing.

We stage a lot of homes that haven't seen a fresh coat of paint in 15+ years. Many of the homes we stage have gray walls like the home pictured below.

We updated this gray-walled home by bringing in some warmer neutrals and mixing the gray with it. Gold can be very useful to warm up the space and bridge the gap between grays and warmer colors. Notice how we added warmer neutrals and gold to this home for a more updated, but still transitional look.

Living room with fireplace and gray walls with gray and yellow art on the mantle.
Staging and photography by BY Design. Listed by Judy Dunlap with Phyllis Browning Company in Hollywood Park.

The Ceiling is the 5th Wall

Accent walls are not as popular as they used to be. The new version of the accent wall is the accent ceiling. This is done with either paint, moldings, beams, or wallpaper.

Kitchen with black, wood, and white panel ceiling with glass window on floor looking into wine cellar.
Staging by BY Design in King William. Photography by Twist Tours. Listed by Austin Geyer by JB Goodwin.

Another option for updating the room using only the ceiling is to add wallpaper or extra moldings to it. While adding rustic beams and shiplap have been on-trend in recent years, we are seeing ceilings get a more classic makeover.

Living room with blue gray open shelving along one wall and brown chairs and earth tone vibes.
Staging by BY Design in Terrell Hills. Photography by LRES Marketing. Listed by Janet Heydenreich with Phyllis Browning Company.
Bedroom with floral wallpaper behind the bed with off white walls and beige trim with doors leading a balcony.
Staging by BY Design Home Staging. Photography by Maverick Studio Photography. Listed by Stephanie Paxton with Phyllis Browning Company.

Millwork is Having a Moment.

White walls with black accent wall with trim on wall also painted black with dangling chandelier.
Staging by BY Design in King William Historic District. Photography by Maverick Studio Photography. Listed by Austin Geyer by JB Goodwin.

Moving away from the minimalism of the recent Scandinavian-inspired trends, more is now more when it comes to millwork. Think deeper crown moldings and added picture frame trim to the walls. All of that trim is often the same color as the walls. This one-color look makes the room feel larger and more cohesive. The best benefit to this trend is that it takes the guesswork out of what color trim to use!

Blue green wall with trim on it all painted the same colo with bulky off white chairs around a glass coffee table.
Staging by BY Design. Photography by Maverick Studio Photography. Listed by Robert Elder with Phyllis Browning Company in Castle Hills.

Trim Can Now Be Darker Than the Walls.

One of the most popular trends is the use of contrasting colors on trim, which can add depth and dimension to any room.

When it comes to using contrasting colors on trim, it's important to choose colors that work well together. This can be a bit tricky, but a good rule of thumb is to choose colors that have similar tones and intensities.

Here are some of our favorite examples of recent stages we did. (Note we did not pick these paint colors - just staged the homes. But the colors are gorgeous!):

Two pictures one of bedroom and one of living room with trim painted different colors as the walls.
Staging by BY Design. Photography by Maverick Studio Photography and BY Design. Left was listed by Robert Elder in Castle Hills. Right was listed by Liz Petroff with Texas Premier Realty.

Color Drenching is the Big Trend in Paint.

This is where everything, including walls, trim, and ceiling are all one color for a very updated look. Instead of being painted with the traditional contrasting white trim method, match it all so that there is no stopping point for the eye, whether the walls are white or some other color.

Two pictures one of living room with ceiling and walls painted some color Nuthatch Sherwin-Williams and second picture of entryway with ceiling and walls painted all same Moscow Midnight Sherwin-Williams.
Design, staging and photography by BY Design in Alamo Heights.

This lack of a break at the top of the walls makes the ceilings appear taller and the room larger. Extra crown molding makes this illusion even stronger.

This is a bold choice, which is usually better for designing for living and not selling a home. It is also a fun design option for San Antonio Airbnbs.

The Return Of Pretty

We are seeing a shift in the interior design world that has been dominated by minimalism and stark, monochromatic color palettes for many years now, towards a more feminine and romantic aesthetic. This trend, which is being dubbed "the return of pretty," and is all about embracing softness, pastels, and delicate details.

You can spot the “Return of Pretty” trend in floral patterns, vintage pieces, wallpaper.

Dining room with brown table and brown and off white chairs with burnt orange curtains and blue orange patterned wallpaper.
Staging by BY Design. Photography by Maverick Studio Photography. Listed by Judy Barnes with Phyllis Browning Company in Alamo Heights.

Don't let painting your listing be a guessing game. There is too much money at stake! Our color experts at BY Design will strategically pick out the perfect paint color to update your listing, one which home buyers will love!

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