5 Short-Term Rental Design Tips for Texas Airbnb & VRBO Hosts
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5 Short-Term Rental Design Tips for Texas Airbnb & VRBO Hosts

airbnb & vrbo design Aug 22, 2023
Airbnb living room and kitchen design with statement terrazzo rug

Your short-term rental can be much more than just a place for guests to rest their head. Investing in professional short-term rental design can turn your Airbnb or VRBO into a cozy home-away-from-home and bring in much higher profits.

Thoughtful, professional design for your short-term rental will create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere that may increase your revenue. BY Design maximizes your potential heads-in-beds, and increases your potential profit by creating a space that is appealing to guests in online listing photos and earns 5-star reviews after their stay.

BY Design was recently named the best short-term rental designers in the United States by the Real Estate Staging Association. In this blog, BY Design's award-winning San Antonio and Austin Airbnb designers share five of their top design tips for short-term rentals in Central Texas.

1. Design Airbnbs with Local Austin or San Antonio Flair

Living room with burnt orange chairs and blue couch with coffee table and longhorn art.
Design and photography by BY Design Home Staging.

Showcase the local Texas culture in your space by incorporating local pieces inspired by the history or landscape. Whether it’s artwork, memorabilia, or furniture – show off what makes your city or region special and different from others. This will create a special experience that guests won’t forget.

Incorporate artwork created by local San Antonio and Austin artists. This is a great way to support small businesses while providing something original for guests to enjoy during their stay.

Don't be afraid to be bold – maybe even a bit wild – with your personalized Airbnb design. This space is a vacation from the humdrum of everyday life.

Pro Tip: The two top searches in San Antonio and Austin for Airbnbs are “airbnb with a pool” and “unique airbnb.” You might not be able to add a pool to your Airbnb, but the designers at BY Design will definitely make it unique!

2. Add Natural Elements to Your Short-Term Rental Design

Living room with white couches and chairs with black fireplace and faux plants and tree.
Design and photography by BY Design Home Staging.

Bring in natural elements. Adding organic items like plants and flowers is a great way to make your space feel more alive and welcoming.

Not only do plants look great, but they also help purify the air and reduce stress levels. If you don't have a way to maintain the plants in your vacation rental, you can use attractive artificial plants as well.

Living room with shiplap wall and white couches and black coffee tables with bright color pillows and faux greenery.
Design and photography by BY Design Home Staging.

3. Decorate with Texture & Lighting

Living room with gray couch and and green chairs with patterned pillows and blankets.
Design and photography by BY Design Home Staging.

Texture and lighting play an important role in setting the mood of any room.

BY Design uses soft pillows or throws for added comfort in your Airbnb or VRBO. Incorporate touchable fabrics like wool rugs or velvet pillows into the space to add warmth and coziness to the room's aesthetic.

Bedroom with teal comforter with brown and gray desk area with fun graphics and art on the walls.
Design and photography by BY Design Home Staging.

Light fixtures are also a great way to add visual interest. Try adding some funky lamps for a memorable touch!

4. Add a Statement Element to Each Room

Dining room with brown table and black chairs with navy walls and dangling chandelier.
Design and photography by BY Design Home Staging.

BY Design chooses one element in each room to stand out as the “statement piece." It could be anything from a large painting hung above the bed to an interesting centerpiece on top of the coffee table.

Get creative and find something that speaks volumes about each individual space within your rental. An added benefit – the statement element will stand out in online photos and attract more bookings.

5. Make Your Airbnb or VRBO Easy to Clean

Opt for open shelving rather than drawers, where it is too easy for a guest to stash and then forget something. Performance fabrics that resist stains and surfaces that are easy to quickly wipe down will facilitate a faster ‘turn’ of the property.

Two beds with white comforters and blue blankets with patterned pillows and two mirros on the wall with John Wayne image hung.
Design and photography by BY Design Home Staging.

With these tips for designing a perfect short-term rental interior, you can turn any bland space into an inviting get-away from home, leaving lasting impressions on all who stay there!

BY Design can transform your Airbnb or VRBO into a beautiful space that is both welcoming and profitable! Work with our award-winning, certified Short-Term Rental Stylists™ to get started on your Airbnb or VRBO project today! Contact us to get a design quote.

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