Tiny Home Design in San Antonio and Austin
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Tiny Home Design in San Antonio and Austin

airbnb & vrbo design why stage? Oct 30, 2023
Blue tiny home with brown porch with outdoor seating.

Do you have a backyard office, pool house, or in-law suite that needs a decor refresh? Maybe you’re thinking about purchasing one in the near future. If you think these spaces are too small to use or decorate properly, think again! Bring in the professionals for your casita or ADU and get the most out of every inch of livable space.

Photography by Maverick Studio Photography.

The stagers at BY Design squeeze functionality out of every nook and cranny, without making it feel like you're living in a clown car. While you may see a tiny room, our professionally trained designers see a palace of potential. That awkward corner? A cozy reading nook. The loft? A perfect nap zone.

Staging and photography by BY Design. Listing by Judy Crawford.

Ever wondered if tiny homes are a good investment?

Across the country, backyard dwellings can increase property value up to 35%. But, in San Antonio, that same study shows that ADUs increase a home’s price by 164%.

Check out our favorite San Antonio home with a casita - currently on the market!

Also, our friends at Elbow Room are a rest source of information on backyard structures. They build the best micro-homes and pool houses out there. Their website is https://elbowroom.com.

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