What Style of Home Staging Is Best for Your San Antonio Listing?
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What Style of Home Staging Is Best for Your San Antonio Listing?

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What Style of Home Staging Is Best for Your San Antonio Listing? Photo of a modern farmhouse-style living room

At BY Design Home Staging, we always consider the architectural style of each property, as well as the target buyer, to get YOU the best results in selling your listing. We carry a large inventory of furnishings to match every style of home in the San Antonio and Austin areas.

Not every property falls strictly into one design category. Nor does every potential buyer like the same aesthetic, so our goal is to create spaces that appeal to the heart! We want your clients to walk in, fall in love, and see your listing as their new home.

Here are some of the most popular design styles in the San Antonio, Austin, and the Hill Country areas. The certified Staging Design Professionals™ at BY Design Home Staging know how to tap into all of these styles and more to play up the WOW factor in your real estate listing. 

Cottage or Cottagecore Design in San Antonio and Austin

Staged by BY Design Home Staging | Photo by Maverick Studio Photography

Homey and inviting, the cottagecore aesthetic often incorporates white paint, soft pastels, muted tones, graceful lines, and a touch of whimsy. This nostalgic and airy design trend may include painted furniture, along with springy floral prints on pillows, window treatments, and even walls.

In order to create a warm and welcoming feel for home buyers, BY Design may incorporate cottage-style neutral and muted color palettes into our stages, while adding different textures and soft patterns to add visual interest to the home.

Farmhouse Style Homes in Central Texas

Staged and photo by BY Design Home Staging

Farmhouse home staging is similar to cottage style decor, but differs in that it is more rustic and can have cleaner lines. You may recognize farmhouse style from watching Waco-based Joanna and Chip Gaines on their HGTV show, Fixer Upper.

Barn doors, farmhouse kitchen sinks, and natural woods can often be found in this warm-hearted design. If your listing has farmhouse features or we think this style will appeal to your target buyer, BY Design Home Staging may tap into the farmhouse trend by bringing nature inside with baskets and botanical prints.

Traditional Home Design in the San Antonio Area

Staged by BY Design Home Staging | Photo by Shoot2Sell

Timeless with an air of formality, traditional home staging has a tailored look and works well in older homes. Part glamour mixed with antiques or period pieces, a traditional home can include detailed millwork, tufting, wing-backs, and gentle curves.

If you are selling a traditional home, that does not mean your listing needs to look dated. In order to stage a traditional home in a way that will appeal to a wider range of buyers, BY Design will opt for lighter furnishings and decor, removing heavy drapery, as well as giving paint recommendations to brighten up the home.

Transitional Home Staging in San Antonio and Austin

Staged by BY Design Home Staging | Photo by Paige to Page Photography

With one foot in the past and another in the future, transitional style combines traditional with modern to create more relaxed and inviting spaces. Comfort is united with function in this design, which is completed with simpler lines and lighter, more neutral tones.

Scale is the unifying factor of mixing the two styles to create a cohesive look. BY Design Home Staging will review the size of each room to make sure it is balanced with the furnishings

Modern Homes in Central Texas

Staged by BY Design Home Staging | Photo by Bright and Early Productions

Best described as uncluttered clean lines, modern design has a beautiful starkness to it. Every piece has a function and there is not an ornate line in sight.

Modern homes are becoming more popular in San Antonio and Austin. To help accentuate a modern home’s architectural features, BY Design stages with art that is large, bold, and usually either black and white or saturated colors. BY Design has a fully-stocked warehouse, which consists of modern furniture with low lines with simple angles. Since mixed metals are increasingly popular in modern designs, these pieces may include uncluttered glass, stone, and metal surfaces.

Urban Loft Design in Austin and San Antonio

Staged by BY Design Home Staging | Photo by Bright & Early Productions

Eclectic and quirky comes to mind with the ‘old is new’ urban loft design. Usually situated in repurposed industrial buildings, this design brings warmth and character to otherwise austere spaces.

Functionality is often infused with funkiness. BY Design will help reflect the energy of being in a metropolitan area by staging with bold accents of color and textures.

BY Design customizes each home staging.

Don’t settle with any old furniture. The experts at BY Design will make sure the home staging in your listing is in harmony with the architectural style. We know what styles target buyers in your neighborhood are looking for, as well as what will best complement your listing. Our design savvy will ensure your listing creates an emotional connection with buyers and sells for the highest profit!

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