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Trends to Get Rid of When Selling a Home in San Antonio or Austin

what every realtor needs to know Oct 29, 2020
Trends to Get Rid of When Selling a Home in San Antonio or Austin

Did you know that millennials account for 25-40% of homebuyers in today's market (NAR)? These buyers have grown up with HGTV, Pinterest, Instagram, and IKEA. They are very style-conscious—even on their often limited budgets.

When staging in the trendy, millennial-friendly neighborhoods in San Antonio and Austin, BY Design Home Staging uses furniture and accessories that reflect popular styles. Read on to learn which trends to get rid of when selling a home in San Antonio or Austin. 

Don’t use ficus trees or English ivy. 

Everyone loves a good houseplant and the current trends are all about eco-friendly, healthy living. But those old ficus trees and English ivy pots are only collecting dust and reminding younger buyers of their grandma's house.

Ditch them for fresher alternatives. You can replace ivy with orchids and succulents, and ficus trees with olive and fiddle leaf fig trees. BY Design Home Staging's inventory features beautiful, up-to-date faux greenery that will liven up your listing and delight potential buyers.

Avoid Tuscan furniture sets.

Tuscan furniture sets used to be all the rage, but they're becoming less popular in San Antonio and Austin. Current design is all about three places: Northern Europe, East Asia, and Paris! It's time to break up the Tuscan furniture sets, or replace them altogether.

The good news is that BY Design has beautiful, fresh, updated inventory for all of your vacant listings.

Pro Tip: If a style is more than 10 years old, it is outdated. 

Don't use faux props.

We recommend getting rid of most of the faux props in your listings, like fake plastic TVs or fake food. The only exceptions are fake lemons in the kitchen, and faux plants, as mentioned above.

It usually looks dusty and just not quite right. We see so much that is edited and fake every day… so potential buyers can spot it a mile away.

At BY Design Home Staging, we'll use decorative, simple vignettes instead of bowls of fake fruit on the countertop, and stylish artwork instead of TV props. Authenticity is always way more attractive and doesn’t go out of style!

Don't overuse curly ironwork.

Modern, clean lines and geometric patterns are what buyers are looking for these days. When overused, curly, scrolling ironwork can feel cluttered and chaotic – and that is the last thing a potential buyer wants to feel in a home.

Don't use window treatments. 

We saved the best for last. You don’t need to invest in expensive window treatments to sell a house! In fact, bare windows bring in more light, are less likely to hold the smells of the previous owners’ pets and smoking habit, and don’t date the room.

Simple panels, wood blinds, and shutters are the only window treatments we recommend leaving up. Buyers may decide they want more privacy for actual living, but window treatments are not necessary for staging.

Pro tip: Make sure the windows are clean!!

Do know your market and target buyer!

Each market is very different. BY Design Home Staging is constantly on top of the latest trends and will always take into consideration the location of the listing and the target buyer.

Remember, it’s all about making an emotional connection to get the home sold. Urban lofts, where your target buyer is an early adopter of style trends, should be staged very differently from a suburban home, where your buyer is probably averse to risky trends and wants a more traditional approach. We will drill down deep to connect with the buyer and use the trends to get your listing sold!

Pro tip: The target buyer is likely the same age as the sellers were when they bought the house.

Market your listing the right way with BY Design Home Staging!

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