Preparing Your House to Sell After Texas Winter Storm Damage
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Preparing Your House to Sell in San Antonio or Austin After Winter Storm Damage

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White house with a black door and window trim, and high curb appeal Preparing Your House to Sell in San Antonio or Austin After Winter Storm Damage

Spring seemed just around the corner, and in your mind’s eye, you were getting your house ready for the hot real estate market! 

Enter, the Texas Winter Storm of the Century. We have not, in our lifetimes, seen this much measurable snow and sustained cold!

Stretching from the Panhandle down to Houston and bringing with it massive power outages, no water, or too much water with busted pipes and sprinkler systems, the storm may have knocked your real estate market goals out from under you.

What do you do now to prepare your Central Texas home for the real estate market? Some of you may only have to rethink your landscaping and curb appeal, but others have some major projects like water damage repair to floors, walls and ceilings. 

Using Insurance to Update Your Home After Winter Storm Damage in Texas

Take a step back, a long look, and then a deep breath. The storm may have delivered a strong punch, but NOT a final blow to your plans. In fact, this may give you a chance to do some of the improvements you hadn’t planned, and sell your property for more!

If you have insurable damage, make a new plan to upgrade carpet, paint your walls one of the best colors for San Antonio and Austin buyers, and maybe replace cabinets or flooring.

Not getting the insurance coverage you had hoped for? Do whatever you can to keep from putting your property on the market ‘as is.’ Your home is probably the biggest investment of your lifetime and presenting it to the market in prime condition will bring you the highest possible return on your investment. 

Home Improvements with the Best Return on Investment in Central Texas

However… Before you rush to the paint or tile store, be sure you are making the best selections. You’ll need to know what home design trends are the favorites of buyers in San Antonio and Austin.

For example, did you know that according to Zillow, houses with doors painted in shades of black and charcoal increase the resale value by an average of $6,271 more than expected? Or that updating your kitchen or bathroom has the highest return on your investment? Then there is the fact that millennials are the largest segment of buyers in the market.

In addition, you are faced with choices like which shade of white paint will go best with your tile selection and which tile selection will go best with your flooring or cabinet color. Don’t forget the importance of curb appeal! And we aren’t even at the countertops!

San Antonio Services to Prep Your Home for Market After the Storm

The good news is that there are experts to help you make these choices.  

A home staging consultation with a Staging Design Professional™ from BY Design, who is trained and knowledgeable in colors, trends, target buyers and curb appeal, is well-worth the time and money to get these things right the first time. They can help you prioritize which projects need to be accomplished before your property hits the market, and which projects potential buyers can overlook.

BY Design Home Staging can help you make timely decisions and not lose traction as you plan on getting your home into this fast-paced market. We have been helping clients in San Antonio and Austin customers get the most out of their properties for over a decade.

We love the process of helping people see your house as their dream home! Request your free staging quote today.

Top photo by Paige to Page Photography, staged by BY Design Home Staging. Other photos by BY Design Home Staging.

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