How to Get Faster and Higher Offers on San Antonio Listings
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How to Get Faster and Higher Offers on San Antonio Real Estate Listings

why stage? Nov 09, 2020
How to Get Higher and Faster Offers on San Antonio Real Estate Listings

By Michele English - Lead Vacant Stager, BY Design Home Staging

As a stager, I think I get as excited about an offer on BY Design staged properties as the Realtors. Sometimes I literally jump up and down when a ‘challenging’ house is sold quickly due to artful staging.

This past month I had one of those staging experiences that made me wish I could do cartwheels! A staged home with at least 11 offers in less than 2 days and in a bidding war. What?

And it gets better… we staged the same property several years before and had 4 offers in the first 24 hours back then.

Read on to learn how YOU can get faster and higher offers on San Antonio real estate listings, just like this one!

About 5 years ago, BY Design Home Staging had the opportunity to ‘flip’ this house. After about six weeks of removing the floor and replacing it, sanding, scraping, painting (click here to find the BEST white paint color for your listing), and remodeling the kitchen, we were ready for the market.

Now, all that was left to make this property really attract potential buyers was home staging.

When we looked at our final staged product, we decided to push the asking price up an extra 10% than originally planned.

When you stage your listing, you are adding perceived value, which translates to added profits for you and your clients!

On the first day, we had 4 signed offers and a bidding war that ultimately raised the price to almost another 5%.

That story alone shows the power of staging to get faster and higher offers on San Antonio real estate listings... but fast forward almost 5 years!

The buyers of the renovated property decided to put the house on the market and brought BY Design Home Staging on board to help sell it again. The owners remembered that staging had been what really drew them to the home, and wanted to make sure they got top dollar on their investment.

You might ask yourself if it's worth it to stage your $200,000-$350,000 vacant listings.  If you want results like these, then the answer is yes! 

This time, the property received an amazing 11 offers and started another bidding war! The Realtor had to stop showings and offers after only 2 days. And this was all during COVID-19.

Imagine the difference staging could make on your listing.

BY Design Home Staging is here to help you sell your San Antonio real estate listings faster and for higher offers. Click here to get a FREE staging quote and sell your listing for top dollar!

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